Whether you are presenting your company on the Web, opening up new sales channels, or trying to overcome the limitations of heterogeneous IT landscapes with Web and Intranet applications, with our expertise in leading Internet technologies and frameworks, we realize your most ambitious goals.


An extract from our service portfolio:



Layout, Theming and Interface Design

In order to realize your corporate design, we will develop a target-group-oriented and attractive design with you. We pay particular attention to usability and technical feasibility, for both mobile as well as conventional devices. Besides design- and UX-Experts present in our own ranks, we also strengthen our services through long-term partnerships with qualified agencies experienced in designing corporate websites, e-commerce applications and web applications. If preferred, we also integrate your established designers into our projects.


Open Source Content Management Systems

Content management systems are a prerequisite for modern and scalable Websites, and will help you to maintain your own website. In your enterprise, an editorial system contributes to the process workflow. Division of labor is handled smoothly, and can be maintained simultaneously by several editors.
According to your needs, our developers will create solutions for you using proven open source frameworks such as Drupal, Typo3, Contao, Wordpress or Joomla!.


E-Commerce and Online-Shops

The Internet is the fastest way to your customers and it can quickly establish new distribution channels. We work with several well-known open source packages such as Magento, OpenCart, xt:Commerce and Modified.
Common features of these solutions are a variety of existing extensions and value-added functions, and providing good prerequisites for custom extensions.
If you have an inventory management, ERP- or CRM-system, we also implement for you appropriate interfaces for connecting to your online store.


Internet- and Intranet Applications

Intranet applications differ little in publicly available Internet applications, however the target audience is small: the company's employees. Whereby the demands are equal if not higher: The software must be flexible, secure, be sustainable and expandable, and finally, intuitive and easy to use.
Complex applications that are not possible with standard solutions are developed for you tailormade by us after careful analysis of your needs. Before production release, our software is thoroughly examined with standardised methods and different scenarios simulated in order to provide you a solution as reliable as possible.


Search engines and Search interfaces

A good search engine is defined by its operation and clarity, speed and high hit rate. For an engine to safeguard all the requirements in an ever-increasing amount of data, it requires a precise analysis of the search corpus, a suitable database and the use of proper algorithms for search and preparation.
We offer solutions tailored to the search problem, and use (depending on the task) Sphinx or Apache Lucene / Solr Apache as a base. Special IR algorithms are used for search result preparation, ranking or context highlighting in form of meaningful topics with our self-developed clustering-engine to help ensure high quality of search results. Our objective is to build a software engine for you that finds the information, and is not searching.


SEO and E-Marketing

In the world of online marketing, misinformation abounds - and it gets compounded by an incredibly dynamic and rapidly evolving world. Characteristics of a site that was important yesterday and led to optimal marketing, is today perhaps no longer valid.
Our SEO and E-marketing experts remain up-to-date with this development process. They optimize your website with appropriate measures to ensure a good position in search engines and place advertisements in appropriate user groups.


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